Rasmussen College (Digital Footprint):

Every step we take online is painting a picture of us for years to come. Rasmussen College explains how we are becoming a piece of Digital Economy whether we intend to share our information or not. At this link we can learn more about how we are tracked by websites collecting cookies and how ads are directed towards us from the collected data of our browsing history.



VCPI (Secure Web Browsing):

VCPI shares the best way to browse the web securely. Some tips would be not to rely on the browser to protect you, keeping software up to date, and not reusing passwords are just to name a few. More tips can be viewed 10 Best Practices for Secure Web Browsing



Enough is Enough (Stats for Net Safety):

Enough is Enough creates Statistics for Net Safety this organization assists with awareness of digital recognition and alertness. This site helps collect data such as 72% of Americans believe their accounts are secure with only usernames and passwords. This site also brings awareness to certain tactics used against children online.







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